Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christa, Day 55: I'm Doing Nothing! Better Than Anyone Else! Let's Make a Spreadsheet, Log It, Practice! Prepare for It!

Learn to do nothing. Doing nothing can be an art form, and it should be a part of every life. Read the Art of Doing Nothing.
Here's the truth: I suck at this. I am probably worse at doing nothing than most people. I may actually be THE worst nothing doing in the whole entire world. Five minutes of just sitting around? My brain is in a tizzy, making lists of everything I can do when I am finally allowed to stand up! I actually think that the closest I ever get to doing nothing is exercising - and that's because my body may be doing something but my mind is just wandering doing nothing much of anything. How does that work? Beats me!

Oh, exercise and waiting in line - something specifically mentioned in the referenced article - so I have that going for me. I don't check my phone after queuing up. I just stand there and look around and think. Provided, of course, I'm not trying to wrangle a toddler. Though why I'd bring a toddler to a line up if I could avoid it is beyond me.

Does exercise and standing in line represent enough time spent doing nothing? I have no answer for that. I'd kind of like to try doing nothing at work (har har) not just for the relaxation that could result, but also because it would really freak my coworkers out to see me sitting there, immobile, lost in my own head. Freaky!

What's the takeaway? As much as I joke, I suppose it would be to stop. Just stop. NOT have a look at my email the second the P. is otherwise occupied or feeling like my lunch hour absolutely must be devoted to chores. (Today I threw out some basement stuff that cats peed on, ew.) A little downtime would probably do me good, so as much as I joke about how I can't be still, I should probably devote a little more energy to trying.

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