Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rebecca's Challenge: Make Your Own Simple Living Manifesto

Here we are at Day 60 of the 72 Ideas in 72 Days Project. Over the past two months, some items in the original Simple Living Manifesto have been relevant to me, some not. Either way, it's been valuable to at least reflect--however briefly--on each one.

I would like to pose a challenge to my fellow 72-Days-Project participants: On Day 73, take a look back at the 72 ideas and your posts here. Note which ideas have worked for you, think of anything that you might add to that list, and write your manifesto--one that is an actual manifesto (i.e., a declaration of principles and intentions, in the first person).*

In other words, synthesize what you've learned during the project and make it your own.

Here's my draft so far. Sixty items--some repetitive, some non-applicable--boiled down to just 15. (And I bet I can edit some of these down even further.) How's that for simplification?
  1. I will pause to remind myself each morning of my priorities--my most important things.
  2. I will proceed carefully on new commitments, making sure they align with my priorities (see #1), ensuring ample free time to spend doing what I love, with the people I love.
  3. Every day, I will use my time in ways aligned with my priorities (see #1).
  4. At the beginning of each week, I will create an organized to-do list (for work and home projects alike) of most important tasks. With this list, I will direct myself to the most important projects to focus on each day.
  5. I will continue to work on limiting my communications, taking periodic email vacations, etc.
  6. When tempted to shop, I will continue to remember that less is more.
  7. I will edit rooms, closets, drawers, etc. regularly.
  8. I will spend time each week organizing my computer files to minimize digital clutter.
  9. I will remind myself to slow down.
  10. I will remind myself to be present, to live deliberately.
  11. I will remember to clear my desk once a week.
  12. I will remember to delete emails when I am done with them. (More to come on this... I'm still catching up on posts here, but did figure out some successful strategies for my inbox.)
  13. I will work with my partner on planning and prepping some meals in advance.
  14. I will make time to exercise. (Sigh... I have not been doing a great job with this.)
  15. I will remember to aim for equanimity.
So, what do you think? If you were to simplify the items from the last 60 days into a true manifesto that is meaningful to you personally, what would it look like?


*Did it bug anyone but me that the original Simple Living Manifesto is misnamed--that it's not actually a manifesto?

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