Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christa, Day 60: Makes a BOSS Face

Since I often try to lead into my thoughts on the day's simplification idea with a little story, here's a shortie I told a friend tonight. Once upon a time I thought to myself, hey, I'm a blogger, I should get some RSS feeds in my reader and consume blogs that way. The end result was a reader that had tons of blogs added to it that never got read via the reader. At some point I realized that using a reader was just a sneaky way to put 'read blogs' on my to-do list so I could procrastinate forever. Oops!

Which brings me to today's idea:
Simplify your RSS feeds. If you’ve got dozens of feeds, or more than a hundred (as I once did), you probably have a lot of stress in trying to keep up with them all. Simplify your feed reading. See How to Drop an RSS Feed Like a Bad Habit.
I like to read high profile blogs written by thought leaders and other semi-important people. I like to read blogs written by family and friends. As for all the blogs that fall somewhere in between, I may come across them, or not. Now that I'm no longer a dedicated pro blogger, reading the "right" blogs is no longer as important. I can read the blogs I like. And the ones I really like are in my blogroll here. They're all linked up for me to check, or not, every day when I happen to have the time. If I miss a day? No problem. Nothing is left marked unread, taunting me for not checking 'read blogs' off my to-do list.

Problem solved. Blogs read. Everyone is happy!

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