Monday, October 17, 2011

Christa, Day 64: Today's Item Feels Like a Repeat, No?

Simplify your online life. If you have too much going on online, here are a few ways to simplify it all. Article here.
Is it just me, or does today's voluntary simplicity item feel like a repeat? I guess when you're less than 10 from the end of a cool 72 simplification items, you're bound to start consolidating previous ideas. Because I know for a fact we've hit email and how we use the Internet and our bulging RSS feeds and so on.

I'll just say this: My online life is about as uncomplicated as it can get. I work in online marketing. I blog. I keep up with what sometimes feels like hundreds of aunts and uncles and cousins via Facebook. I have a Twitter account for a growing business. I manage social media for clients. I have to research online every day for work. And sometimes I like to unwind by reading savings tips on r/frugal or listen to podcasts of the radio programs I missed during the day.

My online life is complicated, I suppose. It has to be because my job is essentially uncomplicating it for others. I'm in it so I can understand it so they will pay me to take it on for them. And it's a pretty fun job!

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