Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christa, Day 68: The Reality of Traveling With Toddlers vs. Simple Packing

Learn to pack light. Who wants to lug a bunch of luggage around on a trip? Here’s an article on using just one carry-on.
I pack light for me. I have to, because the majority of any suitcase space - carry-on or not - is taken up by toys, books, blankets, tiny clothes that take up more space than you'd expect, and toddler toiletries. Hello, traveling with toddlers. I suppose my daughter could cope with my packing light, but could I cope with her coping? Frankly, I don't want to have to find out. My child, like many toddlers, thrives on routine and familiarity. We pack her blankets so she can fall asleep with the scent of home in her wee nostrils. We pack her toys because the places we go are sometimes not stocked with toys. She can't yet handle sleeping in a regular bed or on the floor or a couch, so one piece of luggage is always the Joovy Room2. Which isn't what you'd call insubstantial. And I'm okay with all this. We won't be packing like this forever, and someday my daughter will be big enough for her own little wheelie suitcase and I'll have enough room to pack light. 

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