Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christa, Day 63: Bag Dumpin'

Carry less stuff. Are your pockets bulging. Consider carrying only the essentials. Some thoughts on that here.
Did you know that there's an Internet thing where people arrange the contents of their purses and photograph everything? As you might guess, the resultant photos are usually posted on mommy blogs and lady blogs. At least I've never seen a 'contents of my wallet' or 'contents of my messenger bag' blog posted by a dude. I suppose that women tend to carry more than men, but I'd also suggest that there's a change in that dynamic going on. It's no longer consider unmanly to wear a bag. After all, there are iPads and e-readers and work papers and so on to carry. The briefcase is out, and the man bag is in.

Consider yourself lucky that I'm not going to dump out my handbag right here in front of you. Mostly because I don't feel like having to then pick everything back up and re-organize it within my bag's five compartments. Yes, five. All of which are quite slim, though add up to a bag about six inches wide.

What's in that bag?

Diapers and a slim wipes case, of course. Various bandages and medicines and tampons and other drug store necessities that I'd rather not have to buy when they're needed on the fly. A wallet and my checkbook - because our daycare provider accepts checks but I always forgot my checkbook before it started living in my bag. A pencil case, some candy, some chocolate chips, and my cell phone. A tiny deck of cards. A few ponytail bands. Also, the notebook that I prefer over things like my cell phones calender or a tablet PC for making to-do lists, because I am old school like that. Keys, too.

Can anything be eliminated?

The deck of cards, sure. The candy and the chocolate chips, too, but these are good potty rewards. The pencil case, which is overall quite slim, could be replaced with a single pen. The drug store necessities could go, I guess, but many a time I or someone else has been saved by my small stash of tampons, bandages, decongestants, headache medicine, and so on. Diapers and wipes are non-negotiable, and I am not ready for a minimalist wallet because I need to carry business cards and insurance cards for three people, among other things. The notebook? Not a chance. Ditto on keys and celly. I do, after all, have a daughter in daycare so I need to be available at a moment's notice.

Maybe this item isn't for me or maybe my behemoth of a handbag is already fairly minimalist compared to other handbags. And I'm okay with that - it's not like I truck it everywhere all the time.

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