About the 72 Ideas Project

The longer I'm alive, the more interested I become in paring down my footprint. Ecologically speaking, that's pretty clear. Less waste. Less energy impact. Etc. But when it comes to the life I'm living, it's not so obvious. That's where simple living or voluntary simplicity or minimalism or whatever you want to call it comes into play.

For example: I've always been envious of the people who can pack everything they own into a car, but I have a child and I like sleeping in a bed. The U.S. is, for the most part, unfriendly to those attempting to lead a car-free life, and that's where I happen to live. I have a small house, but it could be smaller. As quickly as I sell, donate, and recycle my possessions, I somehow acquire new ones. I know I should be eating less and eating better. Disorganization is a constant threat.

Simple living, as it turns out, isn't so simple.

Which is why I frequently look for help in books and on blogs, and it was a blog that inspired the 72 Ideas in 72 Days project. Specifically, Zen Habits, written by Leo Babauta, which is where I found his 72-item Simple Living Manifesto. (Read it here.) As soon as I browsed through, I could see that the relatively short list of simplicity-focused to-dos could be a great primer for those who, like myself, are interested in pursuing voluntary simplicity, but find starting the journey overwhelming. 

And so the 72 Ideas in 72 Days Project was born.

My personal plan is to work through all 72 ideas over a period of 72 days, beginning on 8/15/11. Some ideas, I will implement in a practical way. Immediately, first thing in the a.m. in some cases. Other ideas will prove more difficult. Some may be impossible due to my individual circumstances, and on those days, I plan to meditate on why that's the case and whether that could change in the future. Once a day, I will record the results on my efforts on this blog.

I don't plan to do it alone, however!

I have invited others to join me on Facebook, with an event page and a group, both of which are open to the public. I am happy to have other participants in the 72 Ideas in 72 Days project join me in blogging here (those interested in recording their experiences on this blog can email me at christa d terry at gmail). All levels of participation are welcome, from simply reading the list to tackling it along with me, idea by idea.