Monday, August 15, 2011

My top 5

I'm not sure how much this will help me simplify things because some of my top 5 a re kind of complicated.

1. Family time. Simple enough. I like spending time with my wife and dogs, and sometimes my other relatives too.

2. Friends. I like spending time with my friends and making new friends.

3. Self improvement. This is a tough one. It includes all kinds of stuff from teaching better to exercising to learning martial arts to traveling to listening to new music to trying different new things.

4. Resume padding. This mostly means studying and publishing to crowd my CV. I think it impresses people, which I like.

5. Money. Sounds simple but balancing working for money with quality of life right now often requires decisions. But I do need money. I don't plan to retire in just one place; I need homes (modest homes are fine) in several different cities so I can follow the weather I like. Multiple homes requires more savings.

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  1. I think even if the five things are complicated, it can put you on the path toward simplifying simply because you've now identified items of priority. Henceforth, other less important things can maybe be shelved or streamlined in favor of concentrating on these.


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